We're tackling 2022 head on.
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We're debuting our first OMG! PMG! of 2022 with a new look. It's still packed with the same great content, but in a format that hopefully puts our projects in a clearer, more digestible format.

Our production team is working on new videos, including more ProMedia's Pro Tips, for the upcoming year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our past videos on our YouTube channel.

Speaking of new - the new year is a great time to review your marketing strategy and consider making any changes. We're always here to help with whatever project you have, big or small. Send us a message. We're standing by.

Spreading Love with Meat, Wine, & Tattoos
There are two groups of people: those who think Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and those who think it's drenched in consumerism. However, no matter what group you fall into, there is no denying that Valentine's Day is a great occasion to launch a marketing campaign to attract a new client or promote a deal.

This month two of our clients, Taylor’s Cajun Meats and The Ridge Liquors, partnered to give local lovebirds the opportunity to create a romantic evening for two with a three-course meal prepared by Taylor's and a perfectly paired bottle of wine or bourbon from The Ridge. Romance without the 'rona! 😉  We took the collaboration to the next level with a social media contest that promoted both businesses, giving folks the opportunity to win if they liked and shared their social channels.

A campaign for Xtreme Ink helped people think out of the box when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Instead of a bundle of roses, you can get a gift certificate to have roses tattooed on your body. After all, real roses die. 🥀  Tattooed roses are forever. 🌹

Injecting New Life into Bellatox's Website
Bellatox is all about youthfulness, so it's only natural that when they wanted to redesign their website, they wanted a modern, fun look. A color palette that pops and high-quality photos helped take our website design to the next level. Integrations, such MindBody, and easy-to-use forms were important to the functionality of the site, especially on mobile. We loved putting Bellatox's best face forward.
Blowing Up Bed Liner
Ever wonder what happens when you spray an egg with bed liner and drop it off the top of a building? What about spraying a pumpkin with bed liner and shooting it with a shotgun? Well, wonder no more! Our production team tested the limits of spray-on bed liner in one of our latest videos for Meyer Truck Equipment. To say we had fun making this video is an understatement.
Celebrating Champions
The 2021 New Albany High School football team will forever go down in history as being the first group to bring home the regional championship. Though the Bulldogs fell short at semi-state, the team showed tremendous growth and perseverance throughout the season.

To celebrate New Albany's regional championship title, the City of New Albany asked ProMedia to create a billboard for the city to proudly display. Be sure to look up when driving down Spring Street in order to spot the Bulldog's billboard.
Betty White Challenge
Our team participated in the #BettyWhiteChallenge, collecting donations for the New Albany/Floyd County Animal Shelter in honor of Betty's 100th birthday on January 17th. All employee donations were matched by the company! We're thrilled to be able to help animals in need in our community.

Thanks for all the laughter, inspiration, and friendship, Betty.
  • You may have seen friends posting images with black, green, and yellow squares and wondered "What's up with that?" Ask anyone who plays Wordle and they'll tell you just how gratifying seeing 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩  is.

  • We've all seen those "National Holiday" calendars, but for those of us wanting to know what pop culture events are happening instead of when National Fudge Day is, check out Twitter's 2022 calendar.

  • We're not really sure if the last 3 years have been one or if we're in some sort of Groundhog Day scenario, repeating the same day over and over. Either way, we know that time is funky. Test your concept of time by placing historical events in the order they happened in this fun game.