How PMG employees are making a difference.
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This newsletter is a little different. In this season of giving, we wanted to highlight some of the ways the PMG staff gives their time outside of work.

We'll be back with all the great PMG news and interesting digital tidbits next month.

"I have been a mentor in the New Albany Floyd County Schools' 'Mentor Mii' program since 2017. I was matched up with a 2nd grader at Slate Run Elementary School and she is now a 6th grader at Hazelwood! It has been important to me to encourage and support the next generation in our community. Dan and I also donate annually to the NAFC Education Foundation. I donate to, and am a part of, the Southern Indiana Impact 100 women’s group. This group’s goal is to raise $100,000 each year to give to a local non-profit that helps the Southern Indiana community."
- Vicki
"I grew up volunteering with my family, standing in the middle of the street, collecting money for Crusade for Kids. Giving back was ingrained in me. My most memorable volunteer work was going to the Dominican Republic to build homes for families. I loved being able to put a roof over a loving family, as well as documenting all the other good work we were doing - giving someone glasses, helping people with their dental health, showing little girls what they look like in a mirror - it was all so magical to be apart of! My favorite volunteer work is being an assistant coach for girls basketball - I'm starting my 9th season! When I started coaching in high school, I was helping elementary learn the fundamentals. Eventually, I worked my way up to 8th grade. Some of the girls I coached are now playing basketball  in college!"
- Lauren
"I recently became part of the 40th Anniversary Gala committee for LeadershipSI. I see the hard work their team puts into all of the planning of their regular events, and especially their anniversary celebration. Leadership Southern Indiana has been around for such a long time and they've helped to grow the local leaders who've made an impact on our community. I may not be an outright leader, but I want to see this region succeed  - which is why I felt it was important to be on this committee. I want the community to see and celebrate the amazing efforts of this nonprofit."
- Shelby
"Growing up, I always had great role models, such as coaches, throughout my life. Their hard work and dedication to making our community better always stood out. My parents were also always volunteering their time to organizations. Following in their footsteps, I have dedicated a large portion of my adulthood to giving back. Through my work as a Varsity Boys/Girls Tennis Coach for Lanesville High School and Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, I'm able to help guide the youth of Southern Indiana. My goal is to ensure that these kids grow up to be hardworking, successful, and positive leaders.

I'm also a Committee Member for Lanesville Heritage Weekend Festival, Board Member and Ambassador for Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Chair for 1si, Vice President of Franklin Township Athletic Club, and Leadership SI Alumni. With these roles, I'm able to give back and help grow the community I love."
- Michael
"Building better communities and protecting our environment drives me every day. I serve as President of the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council and serve on the board for the Center for Neighborhoods. I also started a non-profit called Three Points that focuses on beautification and streetscape improvements in communities. In 2016, I was elected as a Jefferson County Conservation District Supervisor and was re-elected in 2020. The Conservation District focuses on healthy soil, clean water, fresh air, and growing our tree canopy. Teaching people to care about our environment is crucial to our future."
- Jennifer
"I'm celebrating my 38th year of serving at Graceland Baptist Church. I've served on the worship team, in children's ministry, Community Recreation Golf Committee, and also as an Elder. In addition, I've been on the Board of Directors of Choices Life Resources for over 10 years. I currently serve as the Vice-Chairman. I also do volunteer work with Leadership SI."
- Dan